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Allure Magazine 2002

Another photo of Beyoncé & Jay Z shooting a NEW music video (most likely On The Run) in the Hi-Desert yesterday.


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Q-Tip - Vivrant Thing

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We’ve started trends in African fashion and pop culture; we now pick our spicy jollof rice over that Chinese or continental dish. We have begun to write more and more about our stories, tales and identities. Most importantly, we engage with our Africanness to become integral parts of the solutions to the challenges we face. This newfound love has gone ahead to create a demand for everything African, and now, even the large global media giants cannot help but have African twists, features and broadcasts to capture our interests.

When did you start saying, “Yes, I’m from Africa” instead of “I’m not, but my parents are”? When did Afrobeats begin to fill your playlists? Just about every African, especially those in the diaspora can relate to the struggle of having been intimidated for being African. And those who have gone past intimidation to pride would agree with me, it’s an awesome feeling.

We doff our hats off to the Achebes and Soyinkas who made African literature cool, the Dbanjs and Sarkodies who put African music on the map, or the Kofi Annans who continue to make sure we’re represented at the helm of affairs. To keep this cool for the continent we love so much, we’ll have to work hard to maintain our African excellence.

Michael Annor; When did you fall in love with your Africanness?  (via forcorners)

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Trinidad’s Folkloric Ballet  
David Alan Harvey

A staircase with geometrical patterns, designer or location unknown. NOTE: Please let us know, if you have more information of this location and we´ll add it on the post! Photo by Paul Hoogeveen on Flickr (alias PaulHoo). / Flickr


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